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Xlider driving instruction:

(It is best to practice with a partner)
First find out which foot to put forward (it is the same foot that you would put forward, if you were skidding on ice).
Place the Xliders with the pointed end in the direction you want to go. First put the rear foot in the center of the rear Xlider, then put the front foot on the leading Xlider. Keep both Xliders tilted. Your partner should hold your forearms. Now you first straighten up the leading front Xlider and then the rear Xlider.


Now the most important exercise !!!

(It conveys to your head and to your body that the Xliders
balance themselves when they start rolling along.)

After you have straightened the Xliders to an upright position your partner will push you in the direction of motion and you just check your upright posture.
Do not buckle your back leg. Both Xliders have to point straight in the same direction. Practice this until you can balance the Xliders yourself and are
able to roll straight ahead. Normally this practice should take
about 10 to 20 minutes.

After this you can start doing a twisting movement with your feet to get the Xliders moving (1st gear ).
Get some drive from the ankles or from the hip. But you still have to watch out for an upright posture.

When you have gained momentum you shift to the 2nd gear and shift the two Xlider boards parallel against each other – at a right angle to your direction of motion. Move your legs as if you were cross-country skiing – but crosswise to the directionof motion.

If you want to take a turn you just turn the front foot with the ankle to the desired direction and let the rear Xlider roll in the same direction. It is important not to bend backwards when you take a turn.

If you want to speed up you should bend your upper body in the direction of motion and take care to put weight on the front board.

Safe breaking and stopping:

Before you learn to skate at full speed, please learn how to break and stop correctly. You just have to push both Xlider boards forward onto the rubber brakes at the same time and step off.

Notice: the tension in your body, which you might feel at first, will only be felt during the first few training days.

Absolutely essential:

1. Wear protective gear outside.
2. Use them as often as possible – it will increase your fitness and lift your spirits.
3. Take them with you on holidays.
4. Show your friends how to have fun with Xliders.
5. Show them to your PE teachers and coaches.
6. Demonstrate them to the local press.
7. Skate uphill – a fantastic training.
8. Post your own videos and photos on the internet and win prizes.

Absolutely not advisable:

1. Don’t skate downhill.
2. Don’t skate through water or sand.
3. Don’t drop them, throw them or use them as a Frisbee.

The complete information can be downloaded here:    Instruction Part 1     Instruction Part 2

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