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Wicked fun for skaters – the original Xlider!!

What is the original Xlider?

Yes it’s a piece of fitness equipment but probably the coolest sports equipment on this planet. It is ideal for all smooth and dry surfaces, paths, tracks and promenades. It’s THE big hit in skateparks, schoolyards, campgrounds , shopping malls and empty parking lots. The 360-degrees-wheels enable you to move even in confined spaces – in case of bad weather even in the living room (check with parents first !…), in the office or in the garage. The original Xliders are ideal for physical education at school and clubs as they stimulate coordination, balance and muscle development. If you like waveboards or snakeboards, you will love the original Xliders. They are faster, much easier to manoeuvre and to handle. Xliders are light and real easy to throw in your backpack – so you can always have them handy.

The professional opinion on Xliders:

(Dr. Sandra Senner, Institute for sports science / sports center of the University of Augsburg, Germany)

"Xlider is the current trend-sport in the field of “rolling and gliding”. Even though Xliding is highly demanding when it comes to coordination, it can be learned quickly with the correct instructions. From the point of view of a sports scientist it is a real gain in the field of learning motor skills and for every sportsman and sportswoman, for every child and also for adults it is an exciting challenge and a good training for balance and coordination."

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